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Scilab is a free and open source software for engineers & scientists, with a long history (first release in 1994) and a growing community (100 000 downloads every months worldwide).

Scilab is used for modeling, simulation and data analytics, in industrial companies (Airbus, ArcelorMittal, Air liquide, Sanofi, Microchip, …) and education & research (Fraunhofer Institute, Aerospace agencies, …)

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Scilab is also the team behind the software. Since early 2017, we are part of ESI Group.

ESI Group is a pioneer and world-leading provider in Virtual Prototyping, leveraging the physics of materials. The team remains committed to a free and open source Scilab software for numerical computation. With the experience of OpenFOAM, ESI Group has already demonstrated its commitment to open-source software for engineers and scientists.

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At the origin of an open-source software already used by more than a million engineers and researchers worldwide, we decided to increase our services to support you, decision-makers and captains of industry who wish to join the adventure.

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Scilab is a powerful and accessible tool for education all over the world

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Dev Community

Great developers within our team and from the user community bring their forces together to defeat the evil proprietary software.

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All over the world, software vendors and service providers dedicate their know-how to make the scientific & engineering ecosystem of Scilab grow.

Gathering a happy few, the International Partnership Committee is a consortium of industrial & academic leaders steering the roadmap of Scilab, to make sure we are heading the right way.

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Find out about the use of Scilab through the beautiful ScilabTec, our yearly user conference.

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Read all the books ever written on Scilab.

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