The annual Scilab Users Conference

The annual conference of current or future Scilab users is the major event of numerical computation and simulation community since 2009.

All past ScilabTEC editions in:


Logo-Scilabtec2015-RVB_mediumWith the participation of IRILL, Inmetro, Evidence, Inria, Noesis Solutions, Technische Universität München, Xilinx, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture, Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie, Cnes, CS-SI, CEA/CESTA, University of Luxembourg, Embeded Solutions, Silkan, Sanofi, LASTIMI Laboratory, Temasek Polytechnic, Johnson Electric


With participation of MIT, INRA, Inria, AREVA, Noesis Solutions, Ens/Sysfera, Esterline, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, CNES, University of Luxembourg, Openeering/Enginsoft, CEREMA, Cospas-Sarsat, GEOLAB-CNRS.


With participation of DGA, ArcelorMittal, Openeering, EDF, SDI, CNES, CAPS Entreprise, CETE, Sanofi


With participation of Kitware, Eramet, Silkan, Sanofi, Astrium, Dassault Aviation, CNES


With participation of Tsukuba University, ArcelorMittal, Valeo, Sirehna


With participation of MIT, National Instruments, Inria, École Nationale des Mines de Saint-Étienne, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Valeo


With participation of IIT Bombay, Inria, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, Evidence, Esteco, CNES

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