ScilabTEC 2011

June, 29th 2011

Technical workshops

What’s new in Scilab 5.4.0
Clément DAVID and Sylvestre LEDRU, The Scilab Consortium
Optimization with Scilab
Michaël BAUDIN and Vincent COUVERT, The Scilab Consortium
Scilab 6 from a Scilab 5 user’s point of view
Vincent COUVERT and Bruno JOFRET, The Scilab Consortium
User-defined blocks in Xcos
Clément DAVID and Bruno JOFRET, The Scilab Consortium
Scilab interaction with other software
Allan CORNET and Sylvestre LEDRU, The Scilab Consortium

Plenary conferences

Keynote – Scilab for Mathematical Education and High Performance Computing
Tetsuya SAKURAI, University of Tsukuba
Use of Scilab & Xcos for design of experiments and optimizations using chained proprietary simulation components
Stéphane JIMENEZ, ArcelorMittal
Scilab for Transfer Function Extraction
Patrick DUBUS and Zaatar MAKNI, VALEO
OMD2 Platform dedicated to HPC Optimization