Test & Measurement: Acquire signal and control instruments with Scilab

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From plain Measurement to Sensor Intelligence

Quality and maintenance demands are massively increasing in the areas of material and infrastructure testing. While optical measurement techniques are getting more and more an communality, Dantec took the next step from simple measurement to Sensor Intelli­gence.

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Cardiovascular wave analysis

Data acquisition is critical, especially in medical fields were you have to process your signal at the closest to the field.

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Diagnostic tool for performance analysis
during the testing of agricultural implements

A mobile data acquisition system based on a compact modular data logging system CompactDAQ, created with LabVIEW (National Instrument). The data acquisition system provided important information considering the system performance and allowed error analysis in case of outage.
For the off-line data analyses a Scilab function was developed allowing automated visualisation and analysis of the data.

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