Meshing in Scilab

In this article we investiguate in detail how to mesh a geometry with the toolbox CGLAB: https://atoms.scilab.org/toolboxes/cglab/   //Meshing in [...]

Machine learning – Neural network function approximation tutorial

In this tutorial, we will approximate the function describing a smart sensor system. A smart sensor consists in one or more [...]

Tutorial – Customizing Xcos with new Blocks and Palette

In this tutorial, we show how to create and customize Xcos blocks and palettes. Moreover, we use the [...]

Mathieu function toolbox

In mathematics, the Mathieu functions are certain special functions useful for treating a variety of problems in applied mathematics, including: [...]

CGLAB Toolbox for Geometric Algorithms

CGLAB is a Scilab interface to the CGAL library (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library) for efficient and reliable geometric algorithms. It [...]

Aeraulic toolbox for Xcos

The aim of this paper is to show the possibilities offered by Scilab/Xcos to model and simulate aeraulic [...]