Une année de MAPLE et SCILAB en MP* (french)

Download link This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. S O M M A I [...]

Application development – Debugging

As an expert, you often have to develop your own scripts and to package them in an operable and good [...]

Character recognition tutorial

Here we give an example using multi-layer perceptron for simple character recognition. This is not a full-featured character recognition application. Rather it [...]

Speech Analysis application

This application performs speech analysis using Linear Predictive Coding (LPC). It analyzes the speech signal at the selected region of 256 samples. [...]

Character recognition application

This is a simple application for handwriting recognition using image processing and neural network. Download the application file: https://fileexchange.scilab.org/toolboxes/133000 Pre-requisites: 1. [...]

Tutorial – Customizing Xcos with new Blocks and Palette

In this tutorial, we show how to create and customize Xcos blocks and palettes. Moreover, we use the [...]

Scilab & Arduino for low-cost data acquisition

For simple data acquisition tasks, Arduino represents an affordable and accessible platform. You can easily link your sensors to the analogic [...]

Getting Started – Content

In this tutorial, we make an overview of Scilab features so that we can get familiar with this environment. The [...]

Satellite orbit around the earth

The CNES has been a great user of Scilab, and a long-term partner of us. Upon their advice, we presented [...]

Scilab/Xcos pour l’enseignement des sciences de l’ingénieur (french)

Ce livret, réalisé avec le soutien d'Inria et co-écrit par Scilab Enterprises et des enseignants, est une introduction [...]