Excel Live-Link Module

The Scilab Team conducted this development based on Scilab 5.5.2 32 bits and Excel 2016 32 bits. Contact us to integrate it with your application:

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Excel is the front end of the application, and is calling Scilab in the background to perform the computation with the following method:

1)     Call Scilab from Excel
2)     Return Scilab values to Excel

The exchanges between Excel and Scilab are performed thanks to 2 macros :

  • sciCall : call a Scilab function developped by the developer of the application as followed:

sciCall(“myfunc”, arg1, arg2, arg3, …) with until 10 arguments that can be selected in Excel cells

  • sciCompute: this method is calling a native Scilab command as followed:





In order to distribute the Scilab functions called from Excel, the developer of the application will need to follow a formalism in the development of its code. The functions written in Scilab will need to be packaged in our ATOMS format (AuTomatic mOdules Management for Scilab), in order to be loaded with Scilab in the background at the call of the function from Excel.


This view shows how the code is being structured on the side of the Scilab ATOMS toolbox. All the function need to be saved individually in .sci files in the macros folder.

For more information on how to package your application in an ATOMS toolbox, please refer to this link:


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