Scientific & Engineering desktop applications with Scilab

Cross-platfom Desktop application running natively on Window, Linux and Mac OS

Package desktop application for your end user

Easy install and simple start with a packaged application containing :

–> an Installer:
installing the application and the necessary simulation librairies of Scilab)



–> a Launcher:
starting the application from the desktop directly on the Graphical User Interface)



Protect your code before distribution

For Desktop application, we can provide you with an obfuscation mecanism, enabling the distribution of the code :

1. Without disclosing the intellectuel property behind the algorithms

2. While guarantying the integrity of the code, meaning that it won’t be possible for the end-user to modify the intended behavior of the application

Licensing of Scilab and your application

Scilab is open source and free, so it means no license fees for development or end-usage.

And for your application running on Scilab, you can choose your own license.

Core modification of Scilab would need to be distributed, according to the GPL/CeCILL License of Scilab, but there is no contamination here since the application is dynamically linked with Scilab at the execution.

Deploy desktop applications with a private ATOMS server


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