Deploy Scientific & Engineering Web Apps with Scilab Cloud

On Scilab Cloud, the application runs its algorithms on the server-side and renders the user-interface in any web browser.

This brings new advantages for the deployment of your scientific and simulation applications and scripts:

  • Centralization of the data used and produced by your application
  • No software installation on the client-side (no IT headaches)
  • Hiding the code from the end-users (Intellectual Property protection)
  • Centralization of the Scilab code for efficient maintenance of the application

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Don’t waste your time in learning HTML/JS

The applications deployed in Scilab Cloud are still written in the Scilab language for both algorithms and user interface. This allows an application to be written for both :

  • desktop-based deployment (running with Scilab on a desktop)
  • cloud deployment (running in Scilab Cloud with rendering through the web browser).

Desktop version – completely written in Scilab (algos & UI)


Cloud version – same code as the desktop version (algos & UI)



Simple access from a web browser

--> login/password for app developers and app users

User management

--> User Profile for every user & Administration Tools for the admin
--> Group of users & Access rights managed by application

Application management

--> Deploy your App in one click
--> Manage different versions of your App

The firepower of Scilab packaged
in a beautiful app for your end-users

--> Different tabs for complex web apps
--> Interactive data entry and visualization

Deploy your own application on Scilab Cloud

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