Deploy Scientific & Engineering Web Apps with Scilab Cloud

On Scilab Cloud, the application runs its algorithms on the server-side and renders the user-interface in any web browser.

This brings new advantages for the deployment of your scientific and simulation applications and scripts:

  • Centralization of the data used and produced by your application
  • No software installation on the client-side (no IT headaches)
  • Hiding the code from the end-users (Intellectual Property protection)
  • Centralization of the Scilab code for efficient maintenance of the application

The applications deployed in Scilab Cloud are still written in the Scilab language for both algorithms and user interface. This allows an application to be written for both :

  • desktop-based deployment (running with Scilab on a desktop)
  • cloud deployment (running in Scilab Cloud with rendering through the web browser).


Simple access from a web browser

--> login/password for app developers and app users

User management

--> User Profile for every user & Administration Tools for the admin
--> Group of users & Access rights managed by application

Application management

--> Deploy your App in one click
--> Manage different versions of your App

The firepower of Scilab packaged
in a beautiful app for your end-users

--> Different tabs for complex web apps
--> Interactive data entry and visualization

Deploy your own application on Scilab Cloud

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