Support & Maintenance

Get Scilab Pro Support – Starter Pack


Scilab Enterprises offers different levels of support options to meet the specific needs of its clients:

  • User Support: You want to use Scilab for a typical simulation or data analysis problem, but you don’t know which function to use, or how to use it?
    –> Get Scilab Pro Support – Starter Pack
  • Developer Support: You need help to implement your idea faster? To link Scilab with your Software? Get advanced developer support.
  • Maintenance: Either Corrective, or Evolutive.
    • You want to stay on the current Scilab 5.5.2 LTS version, but want to have your bugs fixed? Subscribe for corrective maintenance.
    • You want to have richer functionalities included in the distribution? Subscribe for evolutive maintenance.
      Only the developers of Scilab can provide you such services!

This support and our knowledge of Scilab software ensure a faster resolution of incidents and critical bugs fixes. Assistance for development can be provided on request. The support service is provided either on an annual subscription or a la carte.

Our support team is comprised of experienced developers to advise and help you solving your problems quickly.

Contact us at: