Scilab/Xcos pour l’enseignement des sciences de l’ingénieur (french)

Ce livret, réalisé avec le soutien d'Inria et co-écrit par Scilab Enterprises et des enseignants, est une introduction [...]

Xcos for beginners – tutorial

The purpose of this document is to guide you step by step in exploring the various basic features [...]

Hydraulic systems toolbox

The purpose of this paper is to show the possibilities offered by Scilab/Xcos to model hydraulic time-dependent systems. In particular, [...]

Tutorial – First steps with Scilab

The purpose of this tutorial is to get started using Scilab, by discovering the environment, the main features [...]

Tutorial – Numerical analysis using Scilab: Solving nonlinear equations

In this tutorial we provide a collection of numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations using Scilab. Download: Numerical_Analysis_Scilab_Root_Finding.pdf

Tutorial – Numerical analysis using Scilab: Numerical stability and conditioning

In this Scilab tutorial we provide a collection of implemented examples on numerical stability and conditioning. Download: Numerical_Analysis_Scilab_Stability.pdf

Tutorial – Numerical analysis using Scilab: Error analysis and propagation

This tutorial provides a collection of numerical examples and advises on error analysis and its propagation. All examples [...]

Tutorial – Scilab as a calculator

Donwload: Scilab_calculator.pdf

Keynote – Open-Source Opportunities For The Analysis Of Scientific And Technical Data – Day 2 – ScilabTEC 2015

By Yohan Livet, CEA/CESTA Due to the increasing of both complexity and diversity of the scientific and technical data, the [...]

Keynote – Day 1 – ScilabTEC 2015

Preserving Software: challenges and opportunities for reproducibility of Science and Technology Roberto Di Cosmo, IRILL A vast amount [...]