Opensource CFD with OpenFOAM & Scilab

OpenFOAM is a well known open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution constantly evolving and able to compete with most famous [...]

Machine learning – Classification with SVM

The acronym SVM stands for Support Vector Machine. Given a set of training examples, each one belonging to a specific [...]

Scilab pour l’enseignement des mathématiques (french)

Edition 2013 Ce livret, réalisé avec le soutien d'Inria et co-écrit par Scilab Enterprises et des enseignants, est [...]

Scilab is not naive – tutorial

Most of the time, the mathematical formula is directly used in the Scilab source code. But, in many [...]

Scilab pour débutants – tutoriel (french)

L’objectif de ce document est de vous guider pas à pas dans la découverte des différentes fonctionnalités de [...]

Scilab for beginners – tutorial

The purpose of this document is to guide you step by step in exploring the various basic features [...]

Introduction to Control systems in Scilab – Tutorial

In this Scilab tutorial, we introduce readers to the Control System Toolbox that is available in Scilab/Xcos and [...]

Aeraulic toolbox for Xcos

The aim of this paper is to show the possibilities offered by Scilab/Xcos to model and simulate aeraulic [...]

Hydraulic systems toolbox

The purpose of this paper is to show the possibilities offered by Scilab/Xcos to model hydraulic time-dependent systems. In particular, [...]

Tutorial – First steps with Scilab

The purpose of this tutorial is to get started using Scilab, by discovering the environment, the main features [...]