Project Description

From plain Measurement to Sensor Intelligence

dantec1Quality and maintenance demands are massively increasing in the areas of material and infrastructure testing. For example in US there are more than 600,000 bridges, where more than 10% were categorized as structurally deficient, representing an estimated $48 billion in repairs and maintenance effort[1].

In addition the legislators and certification authorities have more and more rigid requirements on quality test procedures and audit evidence documentation. This requires intensive analytical post processing on measurement results and imposes high demands on the inspection report generation.

The economical push for cost efficiency and advances in optical measurement technology forces that tools and methods in material and infrastructure testing are moving away from labor-intensive, point focused measurement techniques into direction of full-field, non-contact optical sensor techniques.

While optical measurement techniques are getting more and more an communality, Dantec took the next step from simple measurement to Sensor Intelli­gence. Dantec’s Sensor Intelligence supports standard users in analyzing complex patterns and applying complicated algorithms to the measurement results by just pushing a button.

In order to fulfill today’s complex measurement demands, Dantec closely integrated Scilab into their Istra4D optical measurement platform. Scilab is a free and open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. This allows also small and medium companies to use the full power of modern analytical tools including the service from Scilab, without the reasonable cost profile of similar commercial tools.


Dantec’s Open Application Module Interface

dantec6Dantec’s Open Application Module Interface (DOAMI) allows the customer to use Istra4D in combination with Scilab functionality to the full extent like:

  • Maths & Simulation – For usual engineering and science applications including mathematical operations and data analysis.
  • 2-D & 3-D Visualization – Graphics functions to visualize, annotate and export data and many ways to create and customize various types of plots and charts.
  • Optimization – Algorithms to solve constrained and unconstrained continuous and discrete optimization problems.
  • Statistics – Tools to perform data analysis and modeling.
  • Control System Design & Analysis – Standard algorithms and tools for control system study
  • Signal Processing – Visualize, analyze and filter signals in time and frequency domains.
  • Application Development – Increase Scilab native functionalities and manage data exchanges with e.g. Dantec’s SW platform.

Post-processing examples

Modal shape analysis of a composite panel

Thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) calculation of a metal probe

FFT analysis of a component vibration

Dantec Dynamic GmbH is one of the leaders in non-contact optical surface meas­ure­ment technologies. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a 3D, full-field, non-contact optical technique to measure shape, deformation, vibration and strain on almost any material and shape. Its flexible design opens a wide range of applications from microscopic investigations up to large scale civil engineering measurements.

Scilab Enterprises is the publisher and professional services provider of Scilab. Industrial companies benefit directly from this expertise to get the solution suited to their needs through a comprehensive range of support & development services in applied mathematics and signal processing.