Mission and Commitment

Our expertise applied for our clients and our communities

Scilab Enterprises is committed to acting in sharing values with the Scilab Consortium. Since more than a decade, Scilab software benefits of the results of research and development projects and the latest innovations and technological advances.

Scilab Enterprises shares with clients this historical experience. Our guiding policy is to offer this expertise in developing efficient and personalized solutions.


Our commitment to open source values

Scilab software references in the open source world are well established. Scilab Enterprises is the official structure resulting of the Scilab Consortium which had developed the software since 2003.

Our goal is to continue to work in promoting the expertise and technological innovations in open source software. We believe in the open source model and our mission is to provide quality software, safer, easier to integrate into environments and serve our customers and the community.

Within this context, Scilab Enterprises supports and is involved in the Center for Research and Innovation on Free Software (IRILL).