Automotive Axial Flow Fans modeling and design – ScilabTEC 2015

By Gabriele Milanese, Johnson Electric GATE Axial flow fans are widely used within automotive cooling systems that control temperatures of [...]

Taxi On The Way – ScilabTEC 2015

By Li Kexin, Temasek Polytechnic  This paper is presented during ScilabTEC as the winner of 2014 Singapore Scilab Contest. [...]

Conventional and decentralized PID controllers applied to a multivariable aerothermic process – ScilabTEC 2015

By Mustapha Ramzi, LASTIMI Laboratory (University Mohammed V of Rabat) In the industrial processes, the interaction between the main [...]

Scilab Technical Presentation – ScilabTEC 2015

By Pierre-Aimé Agnel, Scilab This presentation will focus on ongoing and upcoming developments of Scilab and Xcos: update of [...]

Calculating air conditioning costs and savings opportunities – ScilabTEC 2015

By Jean-Pierre Bovée & Louis Blavier, Sanofi On average, in the pharmaceutical industry, air conditioning amounts to 50% of [...]

COLD: Boosting your Workflow and Performances with Scilab – ScilabTEC 2015

By Béatrice Creusillet, Silkan Scilab is a powerful computing environment used to design high level engineering and scientific applications. A [...]

Real-time control and measurement applications – ScilabTEC 2015

By Grzegorz Skiba, Embedded Solutions Nowadays Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) has become a crucial method in developing and testing [...]

Analysis of Call Detail Records – ScilabTEC 2015

By Foued Melakessou, University of Luxembourg Collecting, analyzing and modeling the distribution of the mobility flows is an important [...]

Keynote – Open-Source Opportunities For The Analysis Of Scientific And Technical Data – Day 2 – ScilabTEC 2015

By Yohan Livet, CEA/CESTA Due to the increasing of both complexity and diversity of the scientific and technical data, the [...]

Welcome Speech – Day 2 – ScilabTEC 2015

By Raphaël Auphan, Scilab