By Jean-Pierre Bovée & Louis Blavier, Sanofi

On average, in the pharmaceutical industry, air conditioning amounts to 50% of energy consumption, hence a serious candidate for savings opportunities.

Many factors drive this: weather, building features, energy production efficiency, the technology of the air handling unit itself, with possible use of energy recovery, energy costs, etc…

On top of this, the physical model is all but obvious because of its intricate equation system, involving temperature, humidity, air flows and all of the above factors, so that no intuitive approach is at least questionable.

So, confronted to the urgency of cutting energy bills everywhere in our sites, it is no way straightforward for production site people to determine which actions should be undertaken and prioritized.

This is the reason why we decided to provide them with an application that helps identify what are the best savings opportunities.

To achieve this, Sanofi has developed, in collaboration with Scilab, an application that calculates, given a real situation, the expected consumption of an air handling unit and allows to quickly calculate which changes would bring which costs reduction, so paving the way for a quick move towards a better energy efficiency.